Thursday, January 18, 2007

Whatever Works

It may be a cliche, but giving to someone else really does benefit the giver in ways that you don't realize. I have signed up to be on Beth's "Small Change" committee.
For me, just the simple act of sending a card to a child through "Make a Child Smile" was actually quite powerful. I've been going through some personal issues lately, and by writing out that card, putting a face, a name, an address, to a child in need - really forced me to come up out of my own painful place. I knew I had wanted/needed to get more involved in things outside of my own little world, but I kept procrastinating. You know how we all say "tomorrow, or I'll do it later.". Finally doing something just felt incredible. I've been a frequent monetary contributor to animal charities, but only a sometimes participant with my time. Here's to giving more of myself, even if it isn't always easy. And, by telling friends about my actions, some have been motivated to get more involved as well! Thanks for getting us moving Beth!

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Beth said...

Hooray for you! I find the same thing - doing even a small thing for someone who is truly in need helps me to put my life in perspective.