Thursday, July 26, 2012

I want to soak up every moment of you. Your babyhood, your toddlerhood, everything. You both are amazing. You are almost 2 and I cannot believe being your mama gets more and more wonderful. You are truly everything to me.
I got you a new table and chair set that Grandma helped me put together. Conner, you are so happy to sit at the table with your cup and a book. Content to "read" or just hang out in a chair. Noah, my Little Hercules, you are thrilled to literally heave the chairs around the room or stand up on the table. We had to move the table downstairs to the carpeted basement so you didn't crack the floor. Noah, my love, with your angelic face, causing chaos. Conner, my sweet, wondering why you can't just sit and enjoy. You both are the world beneath me.

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